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A Day In The Life Of

I promised that in the next episode of ‘A Day in the Life of’ I would share with you some of the most common people problems I’m asked to help with. Here’s the first:

“It’s not working, what can I do”

Sometimes recruitment goes wrong. Despite best efforts you are never guaranteed to find the right person for your business but I can guarantee that when it becomes obvious you don’t have the right person you will be asking the question “what can I do? How do I exit them from the business?” (It actually sounds more like ‘how do I get rid of them”)

In my last blog I stated that no matter what, I have always treated people with courtesy and respect and allowed them their dignity. How do I do this?

Believe it or not there are still businesses around who believe that if an employee has less than 2 years qualifying service they don’t deserve the courtesy of following processes or procedures and think it’s fine to ‘just dismiss them’. Legally, I accept this is ‘safe’ from the obvious unfair dismissal claims but it is most definitely not safe for other claims an employee can bring in an Employment Tribunal. Putting the legalities to one side, is this the right way to treat people?

Whether an employee has 1 day, 1 year or 10 years service with your business they deserve to be treated in a way that you would expect to be treated as a human being. A conversation at the very least is ALWAYS needed. If you fail to inform an employee the reasons why things aren’t working out, the impact to that person’s self-esteem can be devastating. Furthermore, can you just imagine what that impact could be if the employee has a history of severe mental health issues?

There is ALWAYS a right way to dismiss somebody!

If you are faced with a similar situation and you would like to talk it through with a critical friend, reach out to us!


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